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This is my story...

On September 12, 1994, my sister-in-law passed due to breast cancer. In June of 1994, another sister-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer. She chose life and a mastectomy was performed. 12 years later she is again battling breast cancer.

Both of these ladies are wives of my husband's brothers. March of 2000 my sister was diagnosed and underwent a mastectomy; my mother was diagnosed in May 2002, she also lost a breast to cancer. My mother lost her mother to stomach cancer in 1973, her father to lung cancer in 1988 and her brother battled colon cancer in 1996 and is a 10 year survivor.

I found the lump in my breast and a mastectomy was performed June 17, 2004. I lived through the 8 months of bloody drain bags, chemo, and baldness and today I am two years cancer free...only to hear in March 2006 that my 15 year old niece found a lump in her breast. She went in for the biopsy and thank God the lump was benign but the waiting was almost too much for some members of our family.

If not for faith in God and the prayers of the Church, I think we would have lost our minds. All of this has been a heavy burden but it was April 2006 when my 14 year old daughter was sitting with me planning her future and said, "and when I get Breast Cancer..." I knew then I could no longer be a victim. I would fight back and Faith, Hope, and Charity was born.


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