Faith, Hope and Charity ccm is a Catholic, faith-based, cancer ministry to which everyone is welcome. In an era where everyone is becoming an electronic image on a sterile screen, we are dedicating ourselves to serving the human person; mind, body, and spirit: Imago-Dea: the image of God. With full intent of purpose, the highest goal of Faith, Hope and Charity ccm is to be an instrument of God's grace.

Faith, Hope, and Charity ccm, we understand that faith is not contrary to human freedom nor in human reason: therefore we support the medical profession and all who fight cancer on every front.

It is our founders' belief that Faith, Hope and Charity ccm's place in this war, is the human spirit; where deep calls to deep and the will to live exist.

...We know cancer...

It is the enemy that attacks Faith and destroys Hope, but Charity is the battle ground of love, and Love sustains Faith and Hope...and Love never fails.

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07.30.09 - The 2009 "Pray for a Cure Mass" event is coming! Click here for info

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11.26.06 - Click here to view photos from the 2006 "Pray for A Cure Mass" event

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